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Weight Loss Tips

 The main reason for overweight and obesity is lifestyle. 

Mostly 9 to 5 working people seat all day in their respective cubic and deal the day, so there is no movement of the body which tends to overweight and obesity. 
How to deal with it is the hot question among all...

Things to do : 

First and foremost important thing to do is wake up 30 minutes early and hit the gym. If the gym is not a cup of your tea then RUN/ JOG.

Take 2 cups of green tea (without sugar) in a day.

For every 2 hour take a mini-break and warm-up yourself. 

Have a morning mild sunray on your back daily.

Replace your junk food with fruits, salad and vegetables. 

Use the steps instead of the elevator.

In the evening play any outdoor sports.

3 times a week take coconut water which remove toxin from body.

Yoga is panacea for weight loss.

Swimming is also a good activity for the body. 

•       Eat daily Raw lady finger which immune your body and help in weight loss.

Drink every morning with empty stomach luke warm water with 1 spoon of honey and lemon.

•     Every night put 1 spoon of Cumin seed or fennel seed in glass of water, next morning boil and drink it.

By saying no to sugar, sweets, chocolates and ice cream. Once in a while is ok but consuming day-to-day basis you are spoiling your health.

Overnight weight will not come down but by adding above activities in your life surely you start noticing the change after 15 days. 

If you can't do all activity in a day, not a problem. At least try to do some of them.  

The change will not happen in one day it takes time. 

Inspiration to weight loss:

There were two friends of age Mid-forties 1. Raj and 2. Rahul. Both of them are well settled and doing well in their life. Raj started doing exercise daily for 20 minutes whereas Rahul did not bother about health and started taking more calories every day.
3 months down the line there was not much difference between two friends but Raj does not tried by end of the day whereas Rahul tried and start eating more calories. 
6 month down the line now real picture started that is Raj is more active in work and he accomplishes his given task within time and Rahul is lagging far behind and could not able to finish the work he feels dizziness all the time. 
1 year down the line Apparently, Raj is a winner because he got a promotion and good hike. Rahul is struggling to save his job.

Rome was't built in a day in the same way weight loss cannot be happen in a day.

''The micro change will bring macro transformation not instantly but definitely-uanoop''


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