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Anoop Quote's straight from heart 

1. When impediments occur, by not becoming apprehensive, conquer them.

2. To enlighten your self, Don't just feed below the neck it's mandatory to feed above the neck.

3. 'Avarice' is what stopping  you to reach sublime height in life.

4. Embrace Misfortunate, Difficulties and Crisis to develop the resolute strength of personality that no one can take from you.

5. When you're in a mess. take a break, spend time with a loved one and recharge yourself. The new version of yourself helps you to overcome the chaos.

6. When life is going hard is signal to beautiful future.

7. Micro change will bring Macro transformation not instantly but definitely.

8. Don't just work on To-Do list

Commence Things to Bomb list

9. Failure means that success is not attempted whole heartedly.

10. Self discovery, self learning and self comprehension are three stepping stone to increase your vivacity.

11. To achieve big, 

be a problem solver not a bug generator. 

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