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Why Physical photocopy is important than soft copy ?

                                           memorable moments never fade  

Today in this digital era with one click all your soft data can vanish instantly and technology has gone one step further by seating remotely one can hack, modify, destroy or share data as per there need and greed.

That jovial vibration will not get unless until you touch and feel physical copy.

I have segregated this blog in two parts :

v What is the significance of physical photos (Album and frame)

v Why Hard copy is important than soft copy?

What is the Significance of Physical photos (Album and frame)

1. Let's talk in terms of a physical photocopy.  You may have come across or own N no. of digital photos in your smartphone gallery or laptop where I assume N = countless (or infinity ♾) .let's assume if some guest reaches at your house, without any doubt your first preference will be hard copy photo album to show (of your marriage pics or children birthday etc.) to the guest, not your smartphone. Even below poverty family to make his wedding (or any ceremony) memorable he definitely opt for physical photo album. These photo album is like mandatory for every family. When you go through that album you will become emotional for sure and happy tears rolled down, all memories related to that event instantly come across your mind.

2. There is some sought of magical attachment and connection with hardcopy picture than soft copy another example I would like to give here which pretty sure you will like it and agree.
According to me,
Let's say you want to go to any beautiful place around the world.
Watching virtually on laptop/Desktop display where you want to go is related to softcopy which means you can only see not sense it. In fact, to feel it you have to visit that place physically that is related to hardcopy.
Factually, By visiting that place you can explore the city, monuments, food and make new friends which give you immense pleasure for life long.

3. Many of the houses you see a photo frame installed on some of the walls and table calendar have placed on the working desk(or on some table top) this makes not only more eye-catching and striking to the visitor of the house but also make pleased to the owner of the house. These days various types of wall frames are available in the market, peoples kept as per their choice and taste. Often, they say that’s my favorite wall in the house and can stare 24 by 7, 365 days. From every 6 out 10 houses you can see the photo frame installed in their houses, this is also become an every family part of life. Literally some capture moments never fade and live even after you deceased.

4. In terms of security and safety point of view 100 percentage hard copy is better as you know there is a chance of malfunction or break of laptop (smartphone) and quite possible virus may spoil your hard disk data without your knowledge. Good quality hard copy photos or even books can stay in good position for 100s of years without any deterioration.

5.  These days, magnificent production of photo is possible which gives you satisfied impression over soft copy. Indeed clarity and shining of such photos is very striking and make happy.

6. Indeed, when you are in stress and your problem is at peak by watching old photo album will heal and uplift your mood instantly. I can understand that only by seeing old photos problem will not solve but it give positive energy to fight with problem. As we know every problem come with solution we need grit and peace of mind which will get by seeing old photo album believe me it works.

7. Once you made the physical photocopy then it becomes immortal weather you are there are not memories in the form photo will be there eternal. Long time back I have visited a museum where I saw painting of 100 years old frame photo of some king which is awesome even such photos at one shot it is very difficult to take. The idea is to tell the importance of hard copy make one time and preserve it for upcoming generations.  

Zoomin is best platform to print your pictures. I personally used this platform and happy with there services. Best part is while adding pics in their website they have given freedom of customizing (like cropping, quote in photo etc.)which is like the cherry on the cake.   
Please find link attached:

Why Hard copy is important than soft copy(e-books)?

Let me give an example of this
Most of the peoples will prefer to read a book in hard copy format, not a soft copy the reason are many

1. Let's say you are preparing for an interview or exam in a month, many of them are going to read and absorb the concept by reading the hard copy because Technically the data will store into the subconscious mind and it can be trigger by the conscious mind whenever is required very easily by reading hard copy.

2.  For long term or everlasting remembrance of data in mind is possible by hardcopy when comparing to a soft copy. Touch and feel combination will work here like, if some question arises in mind, you can retrieve the data from your mind without much hard work.

3. Most important is reading in the physical copy gives less interruption and more attention which tends to absorb the in-depth information and gives the fruitful output.

4. Reading eBooks on smartphone or laptop more than hour is very difficult. Unusable notification keep disturbing because of that energy level will come down and concentration level got disturb. Even many studies prevail that using long hours eye may also get effected. Most important is smartphone will radiate the 1 watt power all the time for long reading on it is not good for health. For more information check my blog smartphone is injurious to health? Link attached

Many of the surveys say most people prefer a hardcopy over digital e-books. One survey has conducted where two groups are made. For first group they have given digital e-books and second group was allotted with hard copy. After few days these group gone through one examination test, where clearly the winner is hard copy group (second group) and in fact performance of e-books reader was average.

Thanks for reading, what is your opinion do you preserve important hard copy. Kindly let me know in comment below.


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