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Why lockdown for 21 days? and Safety Measures for an apartment

Why lockdown for 21 days?

If any person who is infected with coronavirus to know himself minimum it will take 5-8 days. These 5-8 days are very dangerous because the virus is become very contagious during this tenure, the infected person who comes in contact with any other person chances is very high that person also gets infected with this deadly virus and form the chain. The only way to combat this virus is self-isolation, for this reason, a minimum of 21 days lockdown is mandatory, In this way, we all can break the chain of coronavirus.

Let me tell you one thing Italy is very well equipped with a modern medical facility but still, they could not able to save the 7503 members till now.

From the above (pic attached) we can see that.

As of now 26.03.2020 

India coronavirus cases
Total: 680
Total Deaths: 13

At present We are in stage 2, total lockdown is the only way to stop us from entering stage 3. I wish India should not enter into third stages that is possible only if we lockdown ourself.

Most of the advanced countries they have gone for lock-down after entering into stage 3 that is the reason for losing more lives.

The best part is India lockdown at stage 2, as a responsible citizen we must abide by government rules and support 21 days lockdown., To make lockdown successful you, I and all India need to stay at home. It’s our duty, at any cost we should not enter into the danger zone(stage 3). These is for our safety, please cooperate.


First 1 lakh cases of coronavirus in 67 days, subsequently 2 lakhs cases in just 11 days. Most scary number is to reach 3 lakhs cases of coronavirus it took only four days.

Safety Measures for an apartment :

1. No visitors allowed except the residents.

2. No Milk man, News paper boy, Delivery and courier boys will be allowed, residents have to go down and collect.

3. Everyone should wash their hands with Liquid soap before entering the Lift, no one is exempted.

4. Children and elderly persons need to stay home and not to come out unless there is a strong reason.

5. Stair case railing will be cleaned daily and lift buttons and the door handles will be cleaned frequently with germ protection liquid.

6. Not visit to others flats unless necessary.

7. The main gate will remain closed and will opened only when necessary.

I request all apartment residence kindly follow safety measures and stay safe stay healthy. Do let me know what precautions your taking in comment below. 

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