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Social Distancing and WHO 6 Golden tips to fight with COVID-19

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As of now 28.03.2020 8:37 PM India 
Confirmed cases : 959
Active : 854
Recovered : 84
Deceased: 21

Perhaps by this time every Indian heard the name corona virus. In the form of News, social media and other platform, every individual hearing and watching the worldwide situation which arise from the PANDEMIC corona. Despite most advanced countries have full of resources they could not able to confrontation the epidemic of corono because it increases swiftly. 

As of now 28.03.2020 8:37 PM  
Confirmed cases : 105161
Active : 100901
Recovered : 2538
Deceased: 1722

Italy total Deaths :  9134 
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After two months down researcher come out with solution that social distancing is only way to stop further spread of corona, till date no vaccine is available to combat this COVID-19. Vaccine trails under process, vaccine will take another few months to come in public domain.

Social distancing means stay away from each other and stay confined to your homes. As of now, there is no other way to remain safe from corona. Further widespread of corona can be stopped only by breaking the chain and it is possible through social distancing. Many under misconception social distancing is only for infected person this is not true. Social distancing is for every citizen, because of few irresponsible persons they not only risk their life but also their family members and every other citizen who is residing near to their house and will jeopardize the entire nation.

Social distancing such as (21 days lockdown in India) only slows down the spread of corona virus but they can’t eradicate it.

WHO Director-General outlined six steps that any country can take, regardless of its size or scenario, to fight the virus.

1. Expand, train and deploy your public health force.
2. Implement a system to find every suspected case.
3. Ramp up testing capacity and availability.
4. Identify and adapt key facilities you will use to treat and isolate patients.
5. Develop a clear plan to quarantine contacts.
6. Refocus the whole of government on suppression and containing COVID-19.

Above measures are the best way to suppress and stop transmission, so that when restrictions (lockdown) are lifted, the coronavirus doesn’t comeback.

To know more about 4 stages of COVID-19 check out

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