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Smartphone camera specification explained

The camera has become a very important specification while purchasing any smartphone.  Present-day there is megapixel war link attached

Why Mutli-setup camera is required?

Every consumer wants DSLR features like portrait, wide-angle, macro in their smartphone. In order to fulfill customer demand, the Smartphone industry comes up with a multi-camera setup. 

Why DSLR produce excellent photos?

The mean reason is an image sensor which is big so that it captures more light and give magnificent photo quality as well as videos.

What are the camera parameters you have to look into:

There are many parameters while choosing a camera they are

Sensor size Sensor unit measured in inches (1/ 1.7” used in Pocox2).Larger sensor size capture better images especially in low light condition with more background blur.

Pixel size (0.8um used in Pocox2) Larger the pixel tend to record more light, consequently magnificent low light photography and shooting, another advantage is the more dynamic range which means details will be more.

Aperture The Aperture indicates the size of the lens diaphragm opening. It’s like the mouth of the camera the more the opening will get more light on the sensor and produce good output. The lower the f stop number, the larger the diaphragm opening. (f/1.7 used in poco x2).

Field of view depends on two factors first focal length of the lens and second sensor size. More the degree more the coverage of the area. (79° Pocox2)

Image resolution (Poco x2 64.22 MP 9248×6944 pixel pocox2)
It states that no. of a pixel on the horizontal and vertical dimension of the image. These indicate in terms of the pixel in million.

Video resolution: maximum resolution at which the video camera can shoot the videos.

Video fps :(poco x2  30 fps (frames per second), 1080p@120fps,720p@960 fps).

Let’s discuss about Multi set up camera.

In order to understand in the easiest way, I will take pocox2 as an example.
Pocox2 has quad setup camera:
Regarding primary camera already spoke in above article.
Let’s jump into
Depth sensing: Depth sensor is used to focus on subject and blur the background.
In Pocox2 (2MP, Pixel size 1.75 um, Aperture size: f/2.4).

Ultra-Wide angle:  The name itself tells it cover more space end to end. This feature would be more useful when you’re trying to capture group photo or landscape scenery.

In Pocox2 (8MP, Angle of view is 120 o ,Pixel size 1.12 um, Aperture size: f/2.2).

Macro : This feature is used when you want to capture more close-up of flowers it will you more detailing.

In Pocox2 (2MP, Macro shooting distance-2cm, Pixel size 1.75 um, Aperture size: f/2.4).

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