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Patient Zero and PM-CARES FUND

What is patient Zero?

Patient Zero is used to refer to the person identified as the first carrier of a communicable disease in an outbreak of related cases.

In medical term, it called an index case.

The index case (sometimes referred to as patient zero) is the first documented patient in a disease epidemic within a population or the first documented patient included in an epidemiological study.

It can also refer to the first case of a condition or syndrome (not necessarily contagious) to be described in the medical literature, whether or not the patient is thought to be the first person affected.

In this era with the help of genetic analysis, it is possible to trace the origin of the infected person.
By using genetic analysis and epidemiological studies, a scientist can find out the individuals from where it was started and speeded the disease.

Origin of Patient Zero: During AIDS research in the year 1980 patient zero come into existence. Prior to that, there was no such word.

What is the purpose and advantage to find Patient Zero?

The purpose is to find the source (origin) of the virus and to know how it has entered into the human body. The main advantage is to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic.

The Patient Zero of pandemic COVID-19 is Wei Guixian, A 57-year-old female shrimp seller in China’s Wuhan city. Wei Guixian, as identified by The Wall Street Journal was selling shrimps at the Huanan Seafood Market on December 10. At Initial stage  she developed a cold.

Wuhan Huanan Seafood market of central china is the biggest sea market. In these market, they use to kill and slaughter the live exotic animal subsequently sold to a customer.

Patient Zero believed she had common flu and visited the local clinic for a checkup where she was given an injection. Anyhow Wei Guixian could not able to recover from these then she went to Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan city. On December 16 Still going through the lethargy feeling so she went to biggest medical facility that is Wuhan Union Hospital.

Several vendors from the same market start reaching hospital and at the end of December Wei was quarantined and she fully recovered in January after month-long treatment.

Wei was the First from 27 patient who approached to hospital.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Wuhan live market has been closed indefinitely.

Mary Mallon also known as "Typhoid Mary" was an index case of a typhoid outbreak in the early 1900s. An apparently healthy carrier, she infected 47 people while working as a cook. She eventually was isolated to prevent her from spreading the disease to others.

via -wiki


Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Fund has been set up to deal with any kind of emergency or distress situation, like posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide relief to the affected. Prime Minister is the Chairman of this trust and its Members include Defence Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister.

PM Narendra Modi has always believed and shown in actions that public participation is the most effective way to mitigate any issue and this is yet another example. This fund will enable micro-donations as a result of which a large number of people will be able to contribute with smallest of denominations.

Citizens and organisations can go to the website and donate to PM CARES Fund using the following details:
Name of the Account: PM CARES
Account Number : 2121PM20202
IFSC Code          : SBIN0000691
SWIFT Code        : SBININBB104
Name of Bank & Branch: State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch
UPI ID: pmcares@sbi
Following modes of payments are available on the website -
  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • UPI (BHIM, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayTM, Mobikwik, etc.)
Donations to this fund will be exempted from income tax under section 80(G).

PM Tweet: The PM-CARES Fund accepts micro-donations too. It will strengthen disaster management capacities and encourage research on protecting citizens. Let us leave no stone unturned to make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations.

As of now 30/03/2020 11:54 PM

The total number of novel coronavirus cases in India has risen to over 1,300.

Confirmed Cases: 1347
Active: 1167
Recovered: 137
Deceased: 43
Source Link attached :
More numbers of deaths in Maharashtra(10) followed by Telangana(8).

Source Link Attached

The worldwide number of officially confirmed fatalities from Coronavirus rose to 36,914 today.

USA and Italy total confirmed cases is 100000 +  
Total Cases
Total Deaths
Total Cases /1M pop

Switzerland for every 1 M population  total confirmed cases are 1,821 which is huge when compared to other countries.

Some celebrity donations tweets:

@akshaykumar  : This is that time when all that matters is the lives of our people. And we need to do anything and everything it takes. I pledge to contribute Rs 25 crores from my savings to
@narendramodi ji’s PM-CARES Fund. Let’s save lives, Jaan hai toh jahaan hai.

The COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race. The Tata Trusts and the Tata group companies have in the past risen to the needs of the nation. At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time.

Reliance Industries announces Rs 500 crore contribution to #PMCARES Fund In addition to its multi-pronged on-the-ground fight against Covid-19 #RIL #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega

BIG: L&T to give teeth to India's Coronavirus fight; Rs 150 cr PM-CARES fund tip of icberg

Chairman of the
@TheJSWGroup and chairperson of
have decided to increase the @TheJSWGroup contribution to
@narendramodi ji’s PM - CARES to Rs 100 crores - more to come.Proud to be a JSWite, proud to be Indian - JAI HIND

Very important before making payment make sure you’re making correct transaction.

To check for authenticity check out below twitter handle. It must have verified mark

Beware of Fake UPI ID being circulating on the pretext of PM CARES Fund. #PIBFactcheck: The correct UPI ID of #PMCaresFunds is pmcares@sbi #PMCARES #IndiaFightsCorona

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