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Four stages of Coronavirus

COVID-19 aka coronavirus disease. The first case of coronavirus pandemic(spread large region for example worldwide) in India was reported on 30 Jan 2020 from Kerala. It’s been 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day(7 weeks passed).

Most affected country after China is Italy. in fact, Italy (total deaths 4825) surpassed china (total deaths 3261).

Different stages of the spread of coronavirus:

STAGE 1 : 

How the virus enters into India :
The virus has entered in India via two source
 1. Indian origin who visited a foreign country and got infected their,then came back to India.
 2. NRI  (Infected foreigner)  who have come to India.
This stage 1 is limited to those with positive cases.

STAGE 2 : 

Infection is locally transmitted which means the virus infected person comes in contact with a family member or while travelling some other person comes in contact with an infected person.
In this stage source of the infection can be identified and by enquiry that particular person to whom he meets during this period, all people’s are to be known and corona test to be performed on them.

It indicates the Community transmission where the source of infection can not be identified. This stage is very dangerous because you are not safe when you go outside for any work. If this stage starts in India then the linear increase in positive cases.

Eventually, stage 4 in which the disease is supposed to be an epidemic and it is a hazardous outbreak.

As of now 
Active COVID-19 cases : 256
Total Death cases  : 4
Cured/Discharged/Migrated cases : 23

At present India is at stage 2 and the best part of this is source can be trace and contained.

Our PM has come up with the innovative idea to break the chain of coronavirus by JANTA CURFEW. By isolating yourself from the outside world and by staying at home, we all can break this chain of coronavirus.

As a responsible citizen of India, I support this Janata curfew and what about you let me know in comment section.

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