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Burn The Boats

In 1519, Captain Hernan Cortes (Spanish Conqueror) warship arrived in Veracruz and he instantly gave the order to burn the boat. Either do or die. The reason is very simple to burn the boat because he quickly realizes that his army is badly outnumbered approximately the ratio of 1: 100. He saw that his soldiers scared and reluctant to move forward. In order to get best out of solider, he orders soldiers to burn their boat. Once the boat is burned there is no other way to escape from the war. Soldiers knew clearly either do or die situation this created a burning obsession to win the war.

I would say in this context Burning The Boat means leaving the Comfort zone.

Burning the boat means leaving a comfort zone to achieve great results in life. Unless until you don’t leave comfort zone the best won’t come because in a comfort zone you can take U-TURN at any moment (likewise escape from war). Burning the boat leaves no room for interpretation either win or decease. 

When your resources are cut like by burning the boat then by default you perform magnificently to accomplish the task.

How Burning The Boat is applicable in life?

In today’s era basic necessity of life is Education, Job, Health etc our life revolves around these.

1. Education Most of the students tried hard to get good marks to enroll in an established university in different fields like engineering, medicals etc. Many of them not succeed in the first attempt or second and they give up. Here in this scenario they should understand their loopholes examples like spending time on web series, movies etc or browsing internet these are the things which deviating them to achieve their goal, straight away they must leave all these activity (Burn The Boats) to become successful.

Embrace Misfortune, Difficulties and Crisis to develop the resolute strength of personality that no one can take from you.

In every difficulty, there is something for you.
Believe in yourself,
starting it will be hard but the end is going to be beautiful.

2. Job I bet many working employees are not satisfied with their current job. Here Burn The Boat strategy won’t work for many and I am not asking them to leave their respective job. At least one thing they can do like they should identify their  qualities in which domain they can perform well and start working on them daily for 1 hour believe me 

The micro change will bring macro transformation not instantly but definitely.

If you’re wealthy enough to survive 1 year including EMIs then I can recommend to leave the job (Burn The Boats) and take a risk.

3. Health is very essential to do any work. By stop eating junk food (Burn The Boat) and adding yoga and exercise habit in your daily routine health will be improved. There are many ways you can improve your health like Say no to non-veg and switch to vegan, Eat Food which contains vitamin and minerals, Add vegetables, fruits, grains in your daily life etc.

At the time of catastrophe, by being bootstrap you would become infallible and yes that's key to achieve tranquility.

Burn The Boats as you enter the island and you will take the island -Napoleon Hill

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