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Patient Zero and PM-CARES FUND

What is patient Zero?

Patient Zero is used to refer to the person identified as the first carrier of a communicable disease in an outbreak of related cases.

In medical term, it called an index case.

The index case (sometimes referred to as patient zero) is the first documented patient in a disease epidemic within a population or the first documented patient included in an epidemiological study.

It can also refer to the first case of a condition or syndrome (not necessarily contagious) to be described in the medical literature, whether or not the patient is thought to be the first person affected.

In this era with the help of genetic analysis, it is possible to trace the origin of the infected person.
By using genetic analysis and epidemiological studies, a scientist can find out the individuals from where it was started and speeded the disease.

Origin of Patient Zero: During AIDS research in the year 1980 patient zero come into existence. Prior to that, there was no such word.

What is the purpose and advantage to find Patient Zero?

The purpose is to find the source (origin) of the virus and to know how it has entered into the human body. The main advantage is to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic.

The Patient Zero of pandemic COVID-19 is Wei Guixian, A 57-year-old female shrimp seller in China’s Wuhan city. Wei Guixian, as identified by The Wall Street Journal was selling shrimps at the Huanan Seafood Market on December 10. At Initial stage  she developed a cold.

Wuhan Huanan Seafood market of central china is the biggest sea market. In these market, they use to kill and slaughter the live exotic animal subsequently sold to a customer.

Patient Zero believed she had common flu and visited the local clinic for a checkup where she was given an injection. Anyhow Wei Guixian could not able to recover from these then she went to Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan city. On December 16 Still going through the lethargy feeling so she went to biggest medical facility that is Wuhan Union Hospital.

Several vendors from the same market start reaching hospital and at the end of December Wei was quarantined and she fully recovered in January after month-long treatment.

Wei was the First from 27 patient who approached to hospital.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Wuhan live market has been closed indefinitely.

Mary Mallon also known as "Typhoid Mary" was an index case of a typhoid outbreak in the early 1900s. An apparently healthy carrier, she infected 47 people while working as a cook. She eventually was isolated to prevent her from spreading the disease to others.

via -wiki


Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Fund has been set up to deal with any kind of emergency or distress situation, like posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide relief to the affected. Prime Minister is the Chairman of this trust and its Members include Defence Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister.

PM Narendra Modi has always believed and shown in actions that public participation is the most effective way to mitigate any issue and this is yet another example. This fund will enable micro-donations as a result of which a large number of people will be able to contribute with smallest of denominations.

Citizens and organisations can go to the website and donate to PM CARES Fund using the following details:
Name of the Account: PM CARES
Account Number : 2121PM20202
IFSC Code          : SBIN0000691
SWIFT Code        : SBININBB104
Name of Bank & Branch: State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch
UPI ID: pmcares@sbi
Following modes of payments are available on the website -
  • Debit Cards and Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • UPI (BHIM, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayTM, Mobikwik, etc.)
Donations to this fund will be exempted from income tax under section 80(G).

PM Tweet: The PM-CARES Fund accepts micro-donations too. It will strengthen disaster management capacities and encourage research on protecting citizens. Let us leave no stone unturned to make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations.

As of now 30/03/2020 11:54 PM

The total number of novel coronavirus cases in India has risen to over 1,300.

Confirmed Cases: 1347
Active: 1167
Recovered: 137
Deceased: 43
Source Link attached :
More numbers of deaths in Maharashtra(10) followed by Telangana(8).

Source Link Attached

The worldwide number of officially confirmed fatalities from Coronavirus rose to 36,914 today.

USA and Italy total confirmed cases is 100000 +  
Total Cases
Total Deaths
Total Cases /1M pop

Switzerland for every 1 M population  total confirmed cases are 1,821 which is huge when compared to other countries.

Some celebrity donations tweets:

@akshaykumar  : This is that time when all that matters is the lives of our people. And we need to do anything and everything it takes. I pledge to contribute Rs 25 crores from my savings to
@narendramodi ji’s PM-CARES Fund. Let’s save lives, Jaan hai toh jahaan hai.

The COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race. The Tata Trusts and the Tata group companies have in the past risen to the needs of the nation. At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time.

Reliance Industries announces Rs 500 crore contribution to #PMCARES Fund In addition to its multi-pronged on-the-ground fight against Covid-19 #RIL #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega

BIG: L&T to give teeth to India's Coronavirus fight; Rs 150 cr PM-CARES fund tip of icberg

Chairman of the
@TheJSWGroup and chairperson of
have decided to increase the @TheJSWGroup contribution to
@narendramodi ji’s PM - CARES to Rs 100 crores - more to come.Proud to be a JSWite, proud to be Indian - JAI HIND

Very important before making payment make sure you’re making correct transaction.

To check for authenticity check out below twitter handle. It must have verified mark

Beware of Fake UPI ID being circulating on the pretext of PM CARES Fund. #PIBFactcheck: The correct UPI ID of #PMCaresFunds is pmcares@sbi #PMCARES #IndiaFightsCorona

Burn The Boats

In 1519, Captain Hernan Cortes (Spanish Conqueror) warship arrived in Veracruz and he instantly gave the order to burn the boat. Either do or die. The reason is very simple to burn the boat because he quickly realizes that his army is badly outnumbered approximately the ratio of 1: 100. He saw that his soldiers scared and reluctant to move forward. In order to get best out of solider, he orders soldiers to burn their boat. Once the boat is burned there is no other way to escape from the war. Soldiers knew clearly either do or die situation this created a burning obsession to win the war.

I would say in this context Burning The Boat means leaving the Comfort zone.

Burning the boat means leaving a comfort zone to achieve great results in life. Unless until you don’t leave comfort zone the best won’t come because in a comfort zone you can take U-TURN at any moment (likewise escape from war). Burning the boat leaves no room for interpretation either win or decease. 

When your resources are cut like by burning the boat then by default you perform magnificently to accomplish the task.

How Burning The Boat is applicable in life?

In today’s era basic necessity of life is Education, Job, Health etc our life revolves around these.

1. Education Most of the students tried hard to get good marks to enroll in an established university in different fields like engineering, medicals etc. Many of them not succeed in the first attempt or second and they give up. Here in this scenario they should understand their loopholes examples like spending time on web series, movies etc or browsing internet these are the things which deviating them to achieve their goal, straight away they must leave all these activity (Burn The Boats) to become successful.

Embrace Misfortune, Difficulties and Crisis to develop the resolute strength of personality that no one can take from you.

In every difficulty, there is something for you.
Believe in yourself,
starting it will be hard but the end is going to be beautiful.

2. Job I bet many working employees are not satisfied with their current job. Here Burn The Boat strategy won’t work for many and I am not asking them to leave their respective job. At least one thing they can do like they should identify their  qualities in which domain they can perform well and start working on them daily for 1 hour believe me 

The micro change will bring macro transformation not instantly but definitely.

If you’re wealthy enough to survive 1 year including EMIs then I can recommend to leave the job (Burn The Boats) and take a risk.

3. Health is very essential to do any work. By stop eating junk food (Burn The Boat) and adding yoga and exercise habit in your daily routine health will be improved. There are many ways you can improve your health like Say no to non-veg and switch to vegan, Eat Food which contains vitamin and minerals, Add vegetables, fruits, grains in your daily life etc.

At the time of catastrophe, by being bootstrap you would become infallible and yes that's key to achieve tranquility.

Burn The Boats as you enter the island and you will take the island -Napoleon Hill

Social Distancing and WHO 6 Golden tips to fight with COVID-19

Above data is taken from

As of now 28.03.2020 8:37 PM India 
Confirmed cases : 959
Active : 854
Recovered : 84
Deceased: 21

Perhaps by this time every Indian heard the name corona virus. In the form of News, social media and other platform, every individual hearing and watching the worldwide situation which arise from the PANDEMIC corona. Despite most advanced countries have full of resources they could not able to confrontation the epidemic of corono because it increases swiftly. 

As of now 28.03.2020 8:37 PM  
Confirmed cases : 105161
Active : 100901
Recovered : 2538
Deceased: 1722

Italy total Deaths :  9134 
you can check out below link for further details

After two months down researcher come out with solution that social distancing is only way to stop further spread of corona, till date no vaccine is available to combat this COVID-19. Vaccine trails under process, vaccine will take another few months to come in public domain.

Social distancing means stay away from each other and stay confined to your homes. As of now, there is no other way to remain safe from corona. Further widespread of corona can be stopped only by breaking the chain and it is possible through social distancing. Many under misconception social distancing is only for infected person this is not true. Social distancing is for every citizen, because of few irresponsible persons they not only risk their life but also their family members and every other citizen who is residing near to their house and will jeopardize the entire nation.

Social distancing such as (21 days lockdown in India) only slows down the spread of corona virus but they can’t eradicate it.

WHO Director-General outlined six steps that any country can take, regardless of its size or scenario, to fight the virus.

1. Expand, train and deploy your public health force.
2. Implement a system to find every suspected case.
3. Ramp up testing capacity and availability.
4. Identify and adapt key facilities you will use to treat and isolate patients.
5. Develop a clear plan to quarantine contacts.
6. Refocus the whole of government on suppression and containing COVID-19.

Above measures are the best way to suppress and stop transmission, so that when restrictions (lockdown) are lifted, the coronavirus doesn’t comeback.

To know more about 4 stages of COVID-19 check out

Why lockdown for 21 days? and Safety Measures for an apartment

Why lockdown for 21 days?

If any person who is infected with coronavirus to know himself minimum it will take 5-8 days. These 5-8 days are very dangerous because the virus is become very contagious during this tenure, the infected person who comes in contact with any other person chances is very high that person also gets infected with this deadly virus and form the chain. The only way to combat this virus is self-isolation, for this reason, a minimum of 21 days lockdown is mandatory, In this way, we all can break the chain of coronavirus.

Let me tell you one thing Italy is very well equipped with a modern medical facility but still, they could not able to save the 7503 members till now.

From the above (pic attached) we can see that.

As of now 26.03.2020 

India coronavirus cases
Total: 680
Total Deaths: 13

At present We are in stage 2, total lockdown is the only way to stop us from entering stage 3. I wish India should not enter into third stages that is possible only if we lockdown ourself.

Most of the advanced countries they have gone for lock-down after entering into stage 3 that is the reason for losing more lives.

The best part is India lockdown at stage 2, as a responsible citizen we must abide by government rules and support 21 days lockdown., To make lockdown successful you, I and all India need to stay at home. It’s our duty, at any cost we should not enter into the danger zone(stage 3). These is for our safety, please cooperate.


First 1 lakh cases of coronavirus in 67 days, subsequently 2 lakhs cases in just 11 days. Most scary number is to reach 3 lakhs cases of coronavirus it took only four days.

Safety Measures for an apartment :

1. No visitors allowed except the residents.

2. No Milk man, News paper boy, Delivery and courier boys will be allowed, residents have to go down and collect.

3. Everyone should wash their hands with Liquid soap before entering the Lift, no one is exempted.

4. Children and elderly persons need to stay home and not to come out unless there is a strong reason.

5. Stair case railing will be cleaned daily and lift buttons and the door handles will be cleaned frequently with germ protection liquid.

6. Not visit to others flats unless necessary.

7. The main gate will remain closed and will opened only when necessary.

I request all apartment residence kindly follow safety measures and stay safe stay healthy. Do let me know what precautions your taking in comment below. 

Four stages of Coronavirus

COVID-19 aka coronavirus disease. The first case of coronavirus pandemic(spread large region for example worldwide) in India was reported on 30 Jan 2020 from Kerala. It’s been 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day(7 weeks passed).

Most affected country after China is Italy. in fact, Italy (total deaths 4825) surpassed china (total deaths 3261).

Different stages of the spread of coronavirus:

STAGE 1 : 

How the virus enters into India :
The virus has entered in India via two source
 1. Indian origin who visited a foreign country and got infected their,then came back to India.
 2. NRI  (Infected foreigner)  who have come to India.
This stage 1 is limited to those with positive cases.

STAGE 2 : 

Infection is locally transmitted which means the virus infected person comes in contact with a family member or while travelling some other person comes in contact with an infected person.
In this stage source of the infection can be identified and by enquiry that particular person to whom he meets during this period, all people’s are to be known and corona test to be performed on them.

It indicates the Community transmission where the source of infection can not be identified. This stage is very dangerous because you are not safe when you go outside for any work. If this stage starts in India then the linear increase in positive cases.

Eventually, stage 4 in which the disease is supposed to be an epidemic and it is a hazardous outbreak.

As of now 
Active COVID-19 cases : 256
Total Death cases  : 4
Cured/Discharged/Migrated cases : 23

At present India is at stage 2 and the best part of this is source can be trace and contained.

Our PM has come up with the innovative idea to break the chain of coronavirus by JANTA CURFEW. By isolating yourself from the outside world and by staying at home, we all can break this chain of coronavirus.

As a responsible citizen of India, I support this Janata curfew and what about you let me know in comment section.

Smartphone camera specification explained

The camera has become a very important specification while purchasing any smartphone.  Present-day there is megapixel war link attached

Why Mutli-setup camera is required?

Every consumer wants DSLR features like portrait, wide-angle, macro in their smartphone. In order to fulfill customer demand, the Smartphone industry comes up with a multi-camera setup. 

Why DSLR produce excellent photos?

The mean reason is an image sensor which is big so that it captures more light and give magnificent photo quality as well as videos.

What are the camera parameters you have to look into:

There are many parameters while choosing a camera they are

Sensor size Sensor unit measured in inches (1/ 1.7” used in Pocox2).Larger sensor size capture better images especially in low light condition with more background blur.

Pixel size (0.8um used in Pocox2) Larger the pixel tend to record more light, consequently magnificent low light photography and shooting, another advantage is the more dynamic range which means details will be more.

Aperture The Aperture indicates the size of the lens diaphragm opening. It’s like the mouth of the camera the more the opening will get more light on the sensor and produce good output. The lower the f stop number, the larger the diaphragm opening. (f/1.7 used in poco x2).

Field of view depends on two factors first focal length of the lens and second sensor size. More the degree more the coverage of the area. (79° Pocox2)

Image resolution (Poco x2 64.22 MP 9248×6944 pixel pocox2)
It states that no. of a pixel on the horizontal and vertical dimension of the image. These indicate in terms of the pixel in million.

Video resolution: maximum resolution at which the video camera can shoot the videos.

Video fps :(poco x2  30 fps (frames per second), 1080p@120fps,720p@960 fps).

Let’s discuss about Multi set up camera.

In order to understand in the easiest way, I will take pocox2 as an example.
Pocox2 has quad setup camera:
Regarding primary camera already spoke in above article.
Let’s jump into
Depth sensing: Depth sensor is used to focus on subject and blur the background.
In Pocox2 (2MP, Pixel size 1.75 um, Aperture size: f/2.4).

Ultra-Wide angle:  The name itself tells it cover more space end to end. This feature would be more useful when you’re trying to capture group photo or landscape scenery.

In Pocox2 (8MP, Angle of view is 120 o ,Pixel size 1.12 um, Aperture size: f/2.2).

Macro : This feature is used when you want to capture more close-up of flowers it will you more detailing.

In Pocox2 (2MP, Macro shooting distance-2cm, Pixel size 1.75 um, Aperture size: f/2.4).

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G - Which One Is Better ?

Above image is only for to understand the difference between 720G and 730G.

When compared to the above System on a Chip (Soc), Qualcomm first comes up with 730G then they have launched 720G in the mobile market.

At the end of numeric G stands for gaming.

The main focus of the Qualcomm is to bring a gaming-oriented chip set at the affordable price especially for the mid-segment smartphone. 

Comparison between 720G and 730G in tabular form :
Artificial Intelligence
Kryo 465 CPU

Kryo 470 CPU
Adreno 618 GPU

Adreno 618 GPU
Clock speed
up to 2.3 GHz

up to 2.2 GHz

Octa core

Qualcomm Hexagon


Process Technology
8 nm

8 nm
Satellite support system

Beido, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, QZSS, SBAS
Image Signal Processing
Spectra 350L, Dual 14-bit ISPs

Spectra 350, Dual 14-bit,

 Up to 192MP

UP to 192 MP

Up to 16 MP

Up to 22 MP

Up to 4K @ 30 fps

Up to 4K @ 30 fps,
1080p @ 120 fps,
720p @ 960 fps

Quick Charge 4.0

Quick Charge 4 +

Up to 2520 x 1080 (Full-HD +), HDR 10 Upto 120Hz

Up to
3360x1440(Quad-HD+), HDR, Upto 120Hz

CPU speed of 720 G is faster than 730 G, as 720G clock speed is higher which tends to give better performance in the neck to neck battle, I can say 720G slightly higher performance than 730G.
When Antutu benchmark the performed, 730G is slightly ahead of 720G.

DSP section,720G comes with a newer version of Qualcomm Hexagon 692 which is 5 generation AI and 730 G is 4 th generation AI. So 720G has a mildly upper hand.

In the Camera department, 730G shines reason is 720 G has equipped ISP spectra 350L which is the lower version. This impact is 1080@ 120 fps and 720p @ 960fps facilities are not available in 720G.

Power-efficient point of view both are the same because they are built with 8 nm process technology.

4K HDR video capture with portrait mode is possible is possible in 730G.

Adreno 618 GPU is same for both chipset, gaming performance will drastic improved, Uninterrupted and multiplayer gaming is possible.

Vulkan1.1,Anti cheating extension, optimized wifi and game fast loading.

Connectivity point of view both will produce same output because they are equipped with same snapdragon X15 LTE modem.

According to me 730G is winner what do you think?

Realme 6 Pro 720G or Poco X2 730G which one would you pic? Let me know in the comment section.

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